Gaston Cloud - Managed Networks

Is your network doing all it can for your business?  Is your network secure?

Most organizations don't have the luxury of a full-time IT person.  We can be that IT person for you!  Using the latest and most secure remote support technologies, we can do the daily grunt work associated with business IT technologies.  We do the IT so you don't have to!

Patching, Vulnerability Scanning, Online Backup and Backup Verification

Patching and keeping software up to date can be a big challenge for an organization with no dedicated IT staff.  We offer comprehensive monthly patching, testing, online backup solutions, and backup verification services to help you keep your peace of mind.  Remember Equifax?  If it can happen to them, it can happen to you.


Are your employees spending more time on Facebook than on their Jobs?

We can help you find out!  Perimeter Network Monitoring can show what your employees are doing online.  You can block certain sites, or only allow an approved list of sites.  You can allow access to email, but not the web.  We can put YOU back in control of your business-owned computers, and what they are used for!

Safely and Reliably work from Home or the Road

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) allow you to connect to your office network when you are at home, or out of town.  We have proven, industry-standards-based, reliable VPN connections that work with Windows XP to Windows 8, and most Intel based Macs.  We can even support Linux workstations and servers too!  We can now support most Android and iPhone models.  You can access those important documents securely whenever you need to, from whichever device!